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Thrissur, Kerala, India

CSR initiatives

Truly depicted as "Gods own country" Kerala enjoys a unique place in the minds of every Indian and every foreign tourist who are lucky to visit us. Lush green hills and flowing rivers and the diversity of people practicing different religion and belief, adds to its charm. Research scholars are digging into the past, rediscovering the glory and effectiveness of its system where side effects are minimized and the cost of investigation and treatment reduced to combat new diseases such as Cancer and AIDS to name a few. Geographically Trichur enjoys the center place of Kerala, better known as the cultural capital of Kerala. Here the south meets the north, balancing in harmony the diverse cultural and religious practices. The Land of Kathakali, Medical University, Kalamandalam which gave birth of innumerable artists in dance, drama and music - Trichur is the place of the festival of festivals, the pooram - the yearly extravaganza of art, colour, light and sound, architectured by the mighty ruler of erstwhile Cochin state, his Higheness Sakthan Thampuran. Trichur is blessed with a conglomeration of educational institutions of every discipline, namely Medicine, Ventenary Science, Agriculture, engineering, law, academies of literature, drama, music, dance, and art, management science and good number of other excellent educational centers for both men and women. Trichur has Government Medical College, Amala Jubilee Mission and a district Hospital which Tops the Lists of eight major Hospitals, innumerable clinics, diagnostic centers and a Cancer Research Centre. But we did not have super Speciality Hospital in this part of our state which could cater to the needs of seriously ill or injured patients who needed critical care-especially in the field of heart diseases and Trauma cases. Hitherto all such patients who required such advanced treatment had to go to other Metropolitan cities like Madras, Mumbai, Delhi and in some cases to U.S.A or U.K. Sun Medical and Research Centre - was intended to fill this vaccum and to make available such expensive treatment at an affordable rate to needy in distress.

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